-Dear Patriots-

We all know who and

what we’re fighting


However, until we know

what we’re fighting


the full force of the mom and dad army will yet to be unleashed.

What kind of experience will #endwokeness?

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Overcoming America’s Greatest Enemy (20-25 min read)

Become the parent

your child needs you to be.

Become the American,

America needs you to be.

Is your family navigating in a culture of wokeness? If you're drifting without a compass, then level up with

Liberty-Based Parenting, Leadership, and Storytelling.

Though a family may live under one roof, few families will act as a team. A team requires a compelling and unifying mission. A family needs a proper fire (a story) around which to gather. Don’t let your kids fall out of orbit into the black hole of wokeness, addiction, self-indulgence, and meaninglessness.

Turn your marriage into the team your kids need it to be.

Let me help you create a family mission statement–– a touchstone that keeps your family on task.

Liberty demands that parents learn how to make the whole of the family greater than the sum of its parts. Anything less, puts our nation on the road to serfdom.

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Liberty-Based Parenting,

Leadership, and Storytelling.




-YOU are the glue that holds your family, community, and nation together-

Usually, a course will offer a step-by-step guide for how to perform a task. Not here. In this course you’ll reflect on topics that will challenge your perspective and transform the way you see the world, and by this shift, you’ll become a liberty-based leader. People don’t become leaders by reading a “how to” guide, they become leaders when a profound experience pushes more love into their heart than the human heart can hold. Bursting at the seams makes us step up to the task. Courageous leaders are humanity's mouthpieces for love.




  • How to facilitate an experience that helps a child fall in love with the world – it's the world they’ll be responsible to uphold.
  • You will learn how to lay the foundation for a child’s positive identity. Positive identity is the cornerstone upon which the family builds a congruent, shared destiny.
  • You will learn how to cultivate the glue that holds a family-lineage together. A lineage persists into the future only if parents can package human meaning into a bundle-sized gift (a story). This gift is made of the past, and it must be sufficiently abundant in human meaning that your children will feel it's worth delivering to the future.

Details :

3-4 months of self-guided modules.

50+ Sessions.

Weekly Group Meetings (attendance optional)

Assistance : If you get stuck, send me a message. FAQ’s will be created per each module.



4 Monthly Payments of $375

(with applied discount code)

Total Cost $1275

4 Monthly Payments of $318.75

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